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    How can I show gratitude?

    Creating new habits can be difficult to stick to…

    It’s a simple entry just to fill the page for 21 days.

    There is always something to be grateful for…


    My kids have a lot of fun using it and journaling has now become part of their daily routine. I wish you a fun, positive journey ahead with this book.



  • Bless The Searcy Community 

    Developing and helping kids with philanthropic organization in Huntsville, AL. Supporting monthly "Searcy Serve day" helping our local less fortunate youth, neighborhoods and families. Donating "my gratitude book" is one of ways to help our local youth!

  • Gratitude mission

    Los Niños Primero has joined our drill!


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    "After reading mygratitudebook for my kids, they've became smarter and wiser! I was amazed at the quality of the content and activities included!"

    - Helen J.

    "My 6 years old girl loves my gratitude book. It has been such a great addition to her morning routine. This journal is simple, yet very impactful, and we would recommend it."

    - Mitchell C.

    "mygratitudebook was worth a fortune to my children. I STRONGLY recommend mygratitudebook to EVERYONE who have kids. Definitely worth it."

    - Maria R.

    "My twin kids really enjoyed using my gratitude book every day. They are about 15 days in and sticking with it... gives them a few moments to their self each day."

    - James I.

    "I recently bought this my gratitude book for my 5yo son and we absolutely love it! The best journal ever."

    - Andrew B.

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    Danny Kobayashi

    “my gratitude book” can help kids understand it better and have healthier relationship with their friends. If you start with your day reading this book, you will treat people right and there will be no bully at school and work place so If you feel you can give my book your recommendation, it would be a true thrill and honor.

    I'm now a father of two in the great state of GA. Being a youth golf coach can be a very rewarding responsibility.

    Join me! 

    Prior to my career, I had wanted to be a computer programmer. "I realized, 'Hey, I want to teach and I love kids. I think there's big value in learning how to code. Its mission to expand access to computer science to Japanese students around the world. Let's teach kids!'". Learn with Progrademy.

  • What is "Gratitude Wrist bands"?

    It fit your wrist and use to remember and take the time to be grateful.I give thanks for something good in my life at that very moment!


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    my gratitude book

    my gratitude book

    "My Gratitude Book" can help kids better understand gratitude and have healthier relationships with their friends. If you start your day reading this book, you will treat people right and there will be less bullying at school and at the workplace. It would be a true thrill and honor if you would take this 21-day challenge to increase your gratitude. for more information.
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